Off to the new stage of life - Apprenticeship starts for new trainees at ODU

Mühldorf am Inn,

37 junior employees started a new phase of their lives with ODU on September 1, 2021 - the new training year has begun.*


On September 1, Plant Manager Markus Rannetsberger and Training Manager Anna Edmaier welcomed 37 young professionals to Mühldorf am Inn. "Every year it is a pleasure for us to look into the young, curious faces and feel the excitement of a first day of training," Anna Edmaier is pleased to say. The junior staff will be trained as machining mechanics, industrial clerks, metal technology specialists, technical product designers, process mechanics, mechatronics engineers, surface coaters, industrial mechanics, warehouse clerks and tool mechanics. In addition, three dual students of mechanical engineering are starting their careers with ODU. In total, ODU is training 130 future specialists. And the prospects of being taken on after training in these professions are very good.

Qualified specialists ensure quality across all areas and have always been one of the main pillars of the company. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, it needs well-trained and motivated employees. "For ODU, the employees and the junior staff we train ourselves are our top priority. They are the foundation for ODU's success. We are pleased that this year we are once again supporting so many young people as they start their careers," said Edmaier.

The high-quality apprenticeship at the internationally leading manufacturer of connector systems takes place directly on site in Mühldorf am Inn, in modern training workshops and various specialist areas. On their first day, the apprentices were given an initial insight into the company and got to know each other before moving on to their respective departments. "The start of the apprenticeship at ODU is very well planned, varied and interesting," confirms Lea Thanner, a first-year technical product designer apprentice. "The 'company rally' across the entire ODU site was helpful in getting a feel for the company premises and finding my way around. I was greeted and welcomed very nicely in my first assignment department. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next," says Simon Karl, a first-year industrial clerk apprentice.

ODU offers a varied, practical and professional apprenticeship in order to best prepare young professionals for their day-to-day work. Interesting projects, advanced and further training opportunities, an international exchange program, benefits and offers are also part of the program.

More information about ODU's training and study programs can be found here.


*The picture was taken in compliance with the currently applicable Corona hygiene regulations.

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