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      ODU-MAC Blue-Line Overview
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    Modular connectors with top packing density

    ODU-MAC Blue-Line hybrid connectors with spindle locking.

    The ODU-MAC® Blue-Line enables a wide variety of transmission types within a manual connector in rectangular connector form. For custom connectors, a diverse range of transmission types ‒ including signals, high current, coax and various media ‒ can be selected and integrated into the connector according to a modular system.
    ODU-MAC® is highly efficient and modular, in addition to being flexible. The rectangular connector is perfectly suited to manual mating or automated docking. No tools are required for mounting and dismounting the individual modules ‒ even if the connector is already assembled.




    The new performance class.

    The combination of a standard plastic housing along with ODU's time-tested spindle locking is unique on the connector system market. The ODU-MAC® Blue-Line sets new standards thanks to manual plugging solutions which enable configurations in the smallest of construction spaces ‒ for outstanding custom-fit end results.
No tools are required for the mounting and dismounting of the modules. Thanks to a special coding function, the modules can be clicked into place with no chance of error. The ODU-MAC® Blue-Line has the added advantage that contacts are exchanged on the plug side. This guarantees simple dismounting of the crimp-clip contacts even when assembled. 

    Choose from 18 different modules: signals, power, high current, coax, compressed air, data rates and fiber optics.
    In addition, signals can be transmitted through simple contacting via PCB modules.



    Extremely easy handling

    through a rotary motion

    • Space-saving
    • Precise
    • Ergonomic
    • User-friendly
    • Robust

    Easy Handling

    • Tool-free clip mounting and demating of modules
    • Error-free clicking into place of modules thanks to optical and mechanical coding function

    Highest packing density

    • Smallest available design on the market (1 unit = 2.4 mm)
    • Up to 740 contacts per connector 

    For detailed product descriptions, go to the download area on the left.

    Easy contact exchange of crimp-clip contacts

    On the plug side in assembled contacts

    PCB connector modules

    • Longevity thanks to quick-change system (connector saver)

    • Optional ground connection

    • No cabling efforts required thanks to direct PCB connection

    ODU-MAC® Blue-Line = The new performance class - Simple and compact – For the most challenging applications.

    The following sectors rely on the ODU-MAC Blue-Line: measuring and testing, industrial electronics, medical technology, military and security technology and eMobility.

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    For detailed product descriptions, go to the download area on the left.

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